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Our Services

Saryarka Services

Project Cargo Services

Specialized in handling and transporting oversized, heavy-lift cargo for industrial projects with meticulous planning.

Road Freight Services

Comprehensive road transport services ensuring reliable and flexible overland delivery solutions for your business needs.

Air Freight Services

Efficient and secure air freight options for urgent deliveries globally, featuring real-time cargo tracking and expedited service.

Maritime Transport Services

Extensive maritime shipping capabilities for bulk goods with optimal routing and cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Steps of Cooperation

How we works

Listening you

At Saryarka Cargo, we start by understanding your unique logistics needs. Our experts listen carefully to ensure we grasp every detail of your requirements, setting the stage for a customized service experience.

Lane pairing analysis

We analyze the most efficient routes for your cargo, considering factors like speed, cost, and reliability. Our lane analysis ensures your goods move on the most optimal path, avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Check all details

Our team meticulously checks all aspects of the logistics process, from regulatory compliance to paperwork precision. We ensure every box is ticked, so your cargo is cleared for takeoff without a hitch.

Fast & efficient delivery

With everything in place, we execute the delivery of your goods. Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we provide fast and efficient transport, ensuring your cargo arrives on time, every time.


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